Do you offer free shipping?


Yes, your shipping is free if you spend 60€ or more and is applied automatically.


Can I change the shipping address of an order previously placed?


As long as the address is within the same country and has not been dispatched, we will gladly update your shipping address. Kindly write our Customer Service Team at with your Order ID and corrected information to ensure a quick resolution.


I want to return my products. How can I do that?


You are welcome to return your unused products purchased from the Zorya online shop with the original packaging within 14 days of initial purchase. Please note the following points:

Products must be in a complete, unused and undamaged condition.

Due to hygienic reasons, used products are entirely disqualified from return or exchange.

We kindly ask you to claim the parcel as "return" and include the invoice.

Please note that the purchaser will be responsible to pay the return shipping charges.

If the order was initially paid by bank transfer, please provide your bank details for a prompt refund.

Please send your return to the following address:

Zorya beauty

Radnicka 42

10370 Dugo Selo

HR – Croatia


However, please note that a refund will only be provided for the products and not the shipping cost.


You sent to the wrong address!

Unfortunately, we must inform you that PayPal sometimes provides the default address from your account. Therefore, we encourage you to edit this information within your PayPal account before your next purchase with us.


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can pay with credit card or PayPal. Supported credit cards are shown at the bottom of the page.


The PayPal link is not working.

In this case, the payment can be sent using the Send Money option provided by PayPal to our account: We kindly ask you to use the Order ID as a reference. Or just try to use Credit card as another payment method.


How do I cancel my order?

Kindly fill out the cancellation form and send it to
Please be advised that some orders are shipped very soon after placement, and it may not always be possible to cancel.


I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/we (*) cancel my/our (*) contract of sale of the following goods (*)



Ordered on (*) ___________________ / received on (*) ______________________


Name of consumer(s)


Adress of consumer(s)


Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)



(*) Delete as appropriate


Can you mark my international order lower than the stated value?

We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot mark your order as a reduced value. As required by law, all orders will show their full value on your shipment’s customs form. Declaring that a paid order is a gift/reduced value in order to avoid import duties is a violation of international trade law. Customers are responsible for any taxes or tarries levied upon their purchase by their local customs office.


I forgot my password! What now?

To request a new password simply choose the "Forgot Your Password?” option under "My Account" or write to We will immediately provide you with a new password.


How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter?

The link titled ‘unsubscribe’ may be found at the bottom of the newsletter.


What are Zorya brushes made of?

Zorya brushes are either synthetic or made from goat's hair which is exclusively combed or shaved.


Why are products discontinued?

The Zorya product range reflects current trends and is inspired by fashion, music and lifestyle. We are constantly improving our portfolio, ensuring that it is always up to date.


Does Zorya use ingredients of animal origin?

Yes, we do as Zorya is not an entirely vegan company. However, no animals are being harmed during the brush production.


What is the difference between the black and white brush hair?

Our white brushes consist of a natural and synthetic hair blend. The black brush hair with the white tips is 100% synthetic taklon hair.

What animal hair is used for the brushes?

The natural hair of Zorya brushes is obtained from goat hair, which is exclusively combed or shaved.


What materials are used for the brushes?

A Zorya brush consists of a six times lacquered brush handle made of genuine wood, a resistant brass ferrule and finest natural and synthetic hair.


How can I clean my brushes?

Natural hair needs especially careful cleaning—treat it as if it were your own. As cleaners we recommend professional brush soaps and mild hair shampoos. After cleaning, gently reshape your brush and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule. Tip: A drop of conditioner works great as an extra treatment for your brush hair.


How are your products tested?

The ingredients and textures used are in accordance with the current Cosmetics Directive and have undergone toxicological and safety evaluative testing to ensure product safety. We do not test our products on animals.


Where are your products made?

Every brush is traditionally handmade in the People’s Republic of China by specially skilled brush masters.


May I become an official reseller of your products?

We are more than happy to review your collaboration ideas – send us an email to


I would like to report a website error.

Please let us know if you experience difficulties on our website at


I have a Youtube channel and would love to feature your products!

We are flattered, thank you! Please contact us at for our affiliate program options.